TL700 Smart Lock with Doorbell


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  • Childproofing fingerprint smart door lock
  • Built-in doorbell
  • Quick-unlocking
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ZKTeco TL700 Smart Lock with Doorbell is designed as a childproofing fingerprint smart door lock with a built-in doorbell. Users don’t need to worry if the kids have unlocked the door from inside the house and gone wandering because the smart lock with doorbell has an assurance knob. Also, you don’t need to deploy an extra doorbell because of the doorbell integration on the smart lock.

With the “Class C cylinder design and mortise protection”, your home will still be safe even if this lock is damaged from the outside.

  • An assurance knob to avoid children wandering from home and illegal unlocking through the peephole
  • Quick fingerprint recognition and door opening by intuitively placing the finger on the handle
  • Aluminum Alloy + Tempered Glass design, more elegant and artistic
  • No need to deploy an extra doorbell
  • Class C cylinder protection; even if the outdoor unit of the lock is damaged, your home is still safe

Product Features

MaterialAluminium Alloy & Tempered Glass
MortiseChina standard Mortise (6068)
IC Card Capacity100
Fingerprint Capacity100
Password Capacity50
Random PasswordSupports
Power Supply4 × AA Alkaline Battery (not supplied)
Low Battery Warning4.5V to 4.8V
Door Thickness45mm to 60mm (customizable)
Dimensions (L*W*H)Outdoor unit: 370*75*24 mm

Indoor unit: 370*75*24.8 mm

Working Temperature-20 °C to60 °C
Working Humidity10% to 90%RH
ApplicationDuplexes, townhouses, apartments, condos, and other residential areas
Backup InterfaceMicro USB 5V
MCBF> 100,000


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