NG-TH10 Wireless Humidity Temperature Sensor


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NGTeco Smart App Control

– Works with Alexa, Google home

– Remote Monitoring

– Alert Notifications

– LCD Display

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You can remotely monitor temperature and humidity with NGTeco Wireless Humidity Temperature Sensor which connects with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi(doesn’t support 5G Wi-Fi) and gets accurate measurement real-time update without delay.

You can switch temperature unit between ? and ? by pressing the reset button and the mobile app one time. Wall temperature gauge indoor works with Alexa, Google Assistant. Wi-fi temperature sensor supports Alexa and Google home to ask for temperature and humidity, free your hands.

High Accuracy

  • With a built-in smart hygrometer sensor, the temperature is accurate to 0.54°F and the relative humidity is 5%RH. It offers extremely accurate monitoring.
  • Real-time update without delay, high sensitivity and accuracy, always gives you the latest changes of environment.
  • The Swiss-made sensor monitors the environment reliably and 24/7. Manage the temperature and humidity in the most accurate way.

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Display on Screen(Time, Date, Temperature, Humidity)

  • Wi-fi Thermometer Hygrometer has a clock function, you would get a clear view of time and date.
  • You may access both current and historical data via the app on your phone in addition to viewing the temperature and humidity readings on the LCD display.

Super High Coverage Range

  • Wireless transmission of data signals, mobile phone remote monitoring
  • Free app control (NGTeco app)
  • The data signals are wireless transmitted, you can remote monitoring through your mobile phone, or control the temperature or humidity by NGTeco APP.

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