NG-D520 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with Chime


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  • Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Local & Cloud Storage
  • Two-way Audio
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Remotely monitor your front door and get fast alerts when visitor arrives with NG-D520 Video Doorbell with Chime!

Installing a NG-D520 wireless video doorbell with chime as a part of your home security system increases your home’s safety when you are away from home. When a visitor rings the bell, the chime will alert you by sounding inside the house to let you know that someone is at the door and you can check from your phone to know who is at the door.

Product Features

01. In-built Rechargeable Battery

NG-D520 wireless video doorbell with chime do not require new wiring for installation. This technology gives you information and peace of mind during short trips and longer times away.

02. super camera

Equipped with best night vision camera to give you day and night surveillance.

03. Chime Inclusive

NG-D520 wireless doorbell adds an extra dimension to your home security system. This device alerts you when someone is at your door with the chime sounding inside the house whenever the bell is rung.

04. Clear Two way Audio

NGTeco smart video doorbell Built-in microphone & speaker adoption anti-noise technology, you can talk remotely with your visitor clearly and fluently via Wi-Fi smart doorbell.

05. Cloud Security & Privacy Protection

Wi-Fi video doorbell adopts encryption technology for cloud storage, the highest protection of the data for privacy. No one can access your information without your permission. We provide free cloud storage for one month. You can also use an SD card. Indoor camera micro SD card storage supports up to 128GB

06. Smart Motion Tracking and Active Alert

Wi-fi Baby monitor with camera and audio 1920*1080P resolution & 6 built-in infrared LED lights, crystal clear image quality & advanced night vision secure your home day and night. You will get the alarm notification from your phone that detects when the smart Wi-Fi camera movements, Just open the NGTeco Home app to check quickly what is going on. You will not miss any important movements.


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