MS10 Wi-Fi Motion Sensor


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  • Motion Detection
  • Remote Viewing
  • Records Tracking
  • Instant App Alert
  • Wi-Fi Supported
  • Battery Operated
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Introducing MS10, the Wi-Fi motion sensor designed to enhance your home security. When movement is detected, this smart device sends instant alert notifications directly to your phone, keeping you informed about your home’s activity even when you’re away.

The MS10 Wi-Fi motion sensor seamlessly integrates with the all-in-one smart home app, ZSmart. With this compatibility, you can unlock a world of powerful and convenient features, including remote control, real-time alerts, and the ability to review historical records.

Whether you’re considering residential or healthcare applications, MS10 is the discerning choice. It not only provides heightened security but also contributes to a safer, smarter, and more convenient lifestyle.

Download Datasheet

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